Our Roasting

We AIR roast all our beans because we care about consistency in taste and our environment.

Only a handful of roasters in the world (approx. 1%) do this. Here at Phippsters® we feel it’s so important for our future family generations and planet to be responsible roasters.

Sustainably grown, once our selected beans reach our roasting technicians in the UK, we fire up the AIR roasting machine to fulfil orders of great tasting coffee. We AIR roast it. We blend it. We bag it (with re-useable packaging). We ship it, you simply brew, drink and enjoy!

FACTS: The many benefits to AIR roasting/convection vs. DRUM roasting/conduction

AIR roasting is by far, more fuel efficient

AIR roasting produces minimal air pollution

AIR roasting is faster than drum roasting

AIR roasting is more consistent

AIR roasting ensures the beans roast evenly & accurately

AIR roasting gives us the ability to roast larger batches

AIR roasting avoids scorching of the beans

AIR roasting has far less negative environmental impact than drum roasting