Air Roasting



How do you take your coffee? A question most know the answer to, but have you ever asked whether the coffee beans you drink are air roasted?

The fact is only a handful of roasters in the world (approx. 1%) offer air roasted. Phippsters® are proud to say we're one of them.


The coffee beans are suspended in a chamber of flowing hot air.

As the beans roast (which are actually fruit but that's a story for another day) their skins peel & become the chaff that is removed & continually recirculated to fuel the hot air bed.

This circulation allows the flavours & aromas to be absorbed back into the beans, ensuring they are some of the richest tasting coffee you'll ever experience.

At Phippsters®:

We select them.

We air roast them.

We blend them.

We bag them (into resealable, reuseable packaging).

We ship them (hand deliver locally).

You simply brew, drink & enjoy. Knowing that you've made a conscious decision to choose to drink environmentally friendly air roasted coffee.

We feel it’s so important for today & our future family generations that we are one of the most responsible roasters in the world.


Convection Air roasting vs. Conduction Drum roasting.

Air roasting recycles the chaff waste making it far more fuel efficient.

Air roasting produces minimal air pollution.

Air roasting is faster than drum roasting therefore using less fuel.

Air roasting is a far more consistent roasting method for flavour.

Air roasting ensures the beans roast evenly & accurately.

Air roasting gives us the ability to roast larger batches, again saving on fuel.

Air roasting avoids scorching of the beans which affects flavour.

Air roasting by far has less negative environmental impact than drum roasting.